Our team of developers, designers, project managers,  and front end developers are chosen with emphasis on their ability to work with the latest best practices and to produce high quality work. Without affecting your current workflow.Outsourcing your development is a practice common in  global economy; finding a way to do this without affecting your workflow or putting an extra-stress on your projects is our goal.

When a company searches for outside help there are some issues that come with this type of work, our goal is to help you minimize them and take part of the hassle from hiring outside help. Some of the steps that we are working on are:

  • The selection process: Every time you need someone new you have to run a selection process to make sure the person or group you contract with really aligns with your needs and style of work, in general, with your company.
  • Replacement or interchangeability: Not always you will find the perfect match, there are fantastic shops and freelancers out there but there are some others that are no so good. In the case the developer working for you
  • Quality and knowledge: As part of this process you need to ensure the person or group you are working with have the knowledge and quality you need; make sure that they follow the latest procedures and understand the best practices so they can accommodate easily and seamlessly to your process.
  • Price and time zones: The biggest challenge is to find the best balance between quality, price and sometimes timezone. You can find cheap development out there but not with high quality, or you can find both price and quality but a timezone that is a challenge for your workflow.

Do you need one, two, or more backend developers? a themer? a designer? you only "activate" a resource when you need them and can scale your development according to your needs, if you have clearly defined tasks and they can be developed separately you could be using more than one developer at a time. You only pay for the hours worked.

We work with a group of Latin American developers, a great group of developers with high standards and ready to work and produce excellent Drupal Development. Our goal is to find a way to minimize each one of the points we were talking previously.

By pre-selecting the companies and freelancer that w work with, we increase the speed and effectiveness of the selection process, you just need to tell us what do you need and at what level and we will connect you with the developer that can help you right away.

Since we don't work with just one company or group, if you need more resources, you just need to tell us and we will be helping your project overnight. At the same time, and it can always happens, sometimes no matter how hard you looked for; you will discover that the resource is not a match for your company or your actual needs, here is when we can also help by replacing this resource in a short period of time with little to no impact to your project.

We are committed to provide great quality, we ensure that everyone we work with works using the latest best practices, following a modern workflow and that their knowledge and quality is what is needed in todays Drupal Projects. We have started a process to certify our senior developers with Acquia and hoping to grow the number of certified developers in the near future.

And finally, we packaged all this in a fair price. We look to give you the best quality at the best price, but we do not look to be a cheap development shop. Our prices are meant to ensure your company has a competitive advantage by having excellent work done at a fair price and at the same time ensure that our developers can receive a fair wage for their work.

With all this ideas in place we know we can help you find a way to be able to use outside help with the minimal stress in your company's projects and staff and count with people that is willing to work and give the best of themselves as developers, coworkers and, why not, friends.