Web Design Services

The goal of a Web Design project is to add value to the bottom line of your business. There are many proposals in how to do this. you have heard about stunning graphics, Search Engine Optimization, increasing the traffic to your website, the keywords that You need to use so you can be found in search engines, etc.  The reality is that all of those strategies are an important piece on making your website a successful website.

But, Is this enough to get new clients from my website? How can I know if my Web design project is converting those visitors into leads and customers? A Web Design Project can not be simply about bringing traffic to your website or being on the top of the Search Engines, this is very important, but your Web Design project needs to go beyond that. It must be focused on bringing qualified traffic, those who are really looking for your products or services, and to convert those visitors in something more than just observers.

Our company can develop a project of these features, with the advantage that you can do it in a modular manner. This means that you don't need to develop all the stages or parts of the project at the same time, you can plan your Web Design project according to your budget and have the peace of mind that, whenever you decide to add a new part to your project, the system will be ready to "plug in" to whatever you have already; without the need to re-design the whole website.


Graphic Web Design

Is your website visually attractive? That seems to be the biggest concern among small businesses, your company needs a good looking website, a website that attracts the visitor and make it pleasant to navigate. But this is not the only concern, and may not be the most important.

Is your website oriented to the needs of your customers? Are you taking into account the new technologies? We live in a world where most of our customers access the Internet through a mobile device. Your Web Design project needs to have this in mind; using "Responsive Design" techniques we can help your website to show correctly on small devices and show the information needed according to the device.

Are your customers more interested in a nice looking website or in finding information, content and services that help them make a buying decision? A good Web Design project should help you determine the type of portal that you need and start the design with that in mind, making sure not only your website is looking good, but that it is working for you.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the most common strategy that all Web Design companies offer, and an important one, making sure that your website is being able to be found is paramount to the creation of a successful website.

The use of a CMS (Content Management System) allows you to concentrate on creating the content and leaving the technical part to the system. This does not mean that by just using a CMS your site will be optimized for the search engines; this means that when you decide to publish a new piece of content you don't need to concern yourself with the technical knowledge to put all the pieces together so this new content can be easily indexed and found by the Search Engines.

Your SEO strategy will then have to concentrate on the strategy part. Selecting keywords, creating relevant content, etc. This will be whole monster by itself, the fact that all the pieces of your website will fall in place, so the Search Engines find them, does not guarantees that your website will be on the top. It is required to create a full strategy and to have knowledge of what the Search Engines are looking for, so you can apply this as you create new content for your website.


Web and Content Marketing Strategy

When potential customers search for your product and services, Do they think of your company first?. A good Web and Content marketing strategy allows you to create Authorship and Authority in the minds of potential customers, bring traffic to your website and help potential customers make an easier decision to buy from your company.

By creating relevant content about your products and services you are creating Top of Mind in your potential customers, you are earning status in the Search Engines, and you create an environment that will help you not only get more qualified traffic, but to convert those visitors into leads, customers, subscribers.


Web Conversions

The big word in today's Web Design is Conversions, this means how you convert a person that lands on your website into a potential lead, potential customer, potential buyer. There is no magic trick on how to create a successful website, but once you have all or some of the components in place, a Conversion Strategy can help you keep track of your results, make decision on your content Strategy, Marketing Strategy, SEO, etc.

Drupal allows you to put all the technological pieces that you need in order to create conversion campaigns, follow results and make any changes needed, this provides the components for a successful website that converts your traffic into business.


Mobile Apps

If your company need to go beyond the mobile website, and wants to offer services through a mobile app that uses the data from your website, We can provide the tools and development necessary to implement the solution that is right for your needs.