Drupal CMS

It is not a secret that if you want to reach your clients or potential customers, you have to have a presence in the Web. It is Camo-A-Tech goal to help you design and devolop your new Website or improve the one you are using today; using Advanced Technologies to ensure that your company has the latest features in Website development at a price that is not out of your reach.

In Camo-A-Tech we use CMS to accomplish this goal. CMS stands for Content Management System, a big name that only means that after we are done you don't have to worry too much about how to publish your new content (Information); you just need to type the information in an easy to use editor then and click a couple of check-boxes and the CMS will take care of publishing it in the right place.

Camo-A-Tech can work with you whether you have a static Web Site or if you already have a dynamic one. We are ready to help you design a modern, rich and interesting website for your business.


Why Use a CMS?

A Content Management System gives your Website some advantages that you don't have in static Web Pages:

  • Separation between presentation and content:: Once you have decided on the look of your site, you decided how you want your graphics and menus and all the visual characteristics of your page, you can add, modify and erase content without affecting the general presentation of your Web Site. If you decide you want to change the way it looks, you can change the presentation without affecting the content.

  • User/password protected: Your content will be protected by a powerful user/password system, this will ensure that you can decide who and when your users can change the content of your Web Site. This also allows you to have special services for your clients, like forums, blogs or private content that only the right customer can access.

  • Backup and migration: If you decide to move your website from one hosting to another, the CMS can provide you with automated tools to help you do it easily and painless.

  • E-commerce ready: Your Web Site will be ready for E-Commerce whenever you decide or need to create this kind of services. We can work with you identifying business opportunities with this tool.

  • Modular growth: A CMS system will allow you to create a simple Web Site but will let you grow as you see fit with the use of modules, this means than even though you have access to all the features of advanced and complex dynamic Web Sites you don't have to use them from the start. This also means that if you decide to add a new feature to your page, you just need to add or enable a certain module, these features won't affect your Web Site until you decide you want to use it.

  • No limit to what you desire!!! Be it by using modules already in existence or by letting us develop your own idea, integrated into the CMS, Camo-A-Tech is ready to help you reach the potential that you deserve in your Internet presence!